Podcast Interview with Anna Rova from Girlskill

Maggi McDonald, a celebrated artist, teacher, and online entrepreneur, doesn’t have it all figured out (although it looks like she really does). For every pretty photo on Instagram, there is a crowded kitchen table and a to-do list that often hasn’t been completed. Join us for a conversation about creativity, authenticity, and shutting out the noise. Maggi will share her journey to becoming confident as a professional artist and businesswoman (even if there were times when she had no idea what she was doing), and how she has learned to push through her doubt and out of her comfort zone to create beautiful paintings and build a successful business with her art. Maggi has days when she forgets to buy milk, when she is a stressed-out mother, and when absolutely nothing is working out as planned. However, for this Sydney-based painter, the best paintings are made when everything seems like a mess. Maggi has built a business selling prints of her paintings, as well as doing commissions for original work that can sell for $1,000 a piece or more. Among all of this success, she has learned that while social media can be a powerful tool for connection, it can also fill our brains with unnecessary noise and stifle creative thinking. Maggi will also recommend: 3 apps to help you unleash your creativity on the world 3 artists to follow for inspiration and a look into Maggi’s creative influences 2 books to read to help you live your best creative life 

You can listen to the full interview here 

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