SPRING is my absolute favorite time of the year - it's my birthday month, the air is filled with the sweet smell of jasmine flowers and the promise of warmer weather makes me excited about beach days and summer just around the corner. Everywhere you look there are blooms and new leaves and lots and lots of colour. 

My inspiration comes from the beautiful blooms in all of the wonderful colours and the precious memories of my grandmother Enid's garden. I spent so many happy hours in her beautiful garden when I was a child and I carry the memories with me and often find inspiration in these memories. 

SUMMER is full of beach days and salty air and the smell of sun cream...some of my happiest memories are of days spent in or near the water and the ocean is my favourite place to relax, unwind and get inspired. When tired or run down a day at the beach or in the water is often the cure and I LOVE cold water, the colder the better! 

This collection is a mix of two styles and a combination of structure & freedom which are consistent in my work and keep showing up.

I hope you enjoy the collection X