300 Hashtags for Artists

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If you know me you will know that I'm a big fan of Instagram - it's my absolute favourite social media platform for sharing my art & running my creative business.

I started my Instagram account with 65 followers 6 years ago & have successfully grown my account to over 122K engaged followers, resulting in consistent sales & amazing collaboration opportunities.

How did I do this?

By being strategic, consistent & authentic. And by putting in the effort and doing the work. 

A huge part of my Instagram strategy is the use of relevant hashtags with every post. Hashtags help users discover you and it's important to use a combination of tried and tested hashtags as part of your Instagram marketing strategy. Instagram changes often and the jury is always out on whether hashtags are still relevant and how many to use. I have found however that hashtags work well when they are part of your Instagram growth strategy alongside engaging and relevant content.

In this resource I share with you 10 sets of hashtags I use on my own Instagram posts. I have tried and tested these sets myself so you don't have to - all you need to do is use them as a starting point to creating your own hashtag sets.

What's included in this resource:

  • 10 sets of 30 hashtags 
  • Tips on how to use your hashtag sets
  • Tricks to maximise your hashtags


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