Everything All At Once

Everything All At Once

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Trying to encapsulate the essence of "feeling everything always," embracing the myriad of experiences and emotions that life presents. It serves as a reminder of the richness and diversity that surrounds us, inviting viewers to embrace the beauty of the present moment and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead. Your artwork resonates with a sense of optimism, celebrating the continuous unfolding of life's journey.

Continuing my exploration of this style - fluid and expressive, reflecting the dynamic nature of life with bold and gestural, brushstrokes conveying movement and capturing the essence of constant change and growth.

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas framed in Oak. Artwork comes with a wire across the back ready to hang on the wall.

Artwork dimensions are 101cm x 101cm.

Free Shipping within Australia.

International Shipping $100 - artwork will be shipped unstretched and rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube. Framing is not available for this option.

Shipped to your door by courier - please allow 7 days for your artwork to be packed up and shipped - it will be worth the wait!